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  About Naomi's Piano Studio   

At Naomi's Piano Studio, we strive to stand out and succeed. We love students who are driven, committed, and express themselves through music.


One of our Piano Studio's goals is to make a personalized learning plan that fits into your daily life and schedule. All students are unique, and all students have goals that vary based on what fits their interests. 

Our studio offers lessons to beginning, intermediate and advanced students who wish to make music an important part of their lives. 


Students of Naomi's Piano Studio are required to practice daily. They must spend quality time at the piano everyday if they expect to see any improvement. Students will need access to a piano and a metronome on a daily basis.


All students are expected to participate in two recitals every year. Recitals are an excellent way for students to learn how to perform, express themselves through music, and to share what they have been learning with others. All other performance opportunities will be given by invitation.



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